Update 0.8

Version 0.8 add a bunch of new features, balances, and also my thought on this game as a whole.


  • Find seed, plant it, and get new bonus, effect on your journey.
  • 4 Type of seeds: Ore, Floral, Mushroom, and Herb. Each has different discovering methods.
  • 19 new plants in total.
  • 3 new tools: Watering can, Scissors, Trovel.

The Temple

  • Break Drllion block to collect drillioncoin and unlock the temple.
  • Enter the temple to reincarnate to reset your progress and spend drillioncoin for permanent unlock/ upgrade.
  • 31 perma upgrades available.


  • 5 new drill sets unlock by research and temple.
  • Speed control now use mouse wheel while hovering on the drill.
  • Some attributes balancing.


  • Underground can spawn mana crystal (perma upgrade required)
  • Collect mana to use spell.
  • Some drill parts now comes with unique spell, click on the part to activate it.

Underground bonus

  • Two new collectable bonus you can collect: Ore rush and Ore trail.
  • Perma unlock required.

Mole attack

  • Underground spawn different types of mole to attack your drill.
  • Use item or spell to ‘chase it away’

Revamped item system

  • Some item now have capacity value.
  • Change some crafting recipe.
  • New item indexing system, may cause conflict with old save.

Quality of life

  • New scribble text rendering system allow for FANCIER text.
  • Market dialog have more data.
  • New sound for some UI element.
  • You can now use item in your inventory for contract.
  • Load file fail detection and roll back.
  • Manual save button in setting.

The future of Drillionaire

The response I got from this game is AMAZING. The game is still being play every day and I found myself enjoy adding new feature for it too.

So I think I might treat this game as a long term project where I come in and add new random minigame here and there. I will still make new game of course, this just mean this game will get new update for a bit longer.”


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May 15, 2022
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May 15, 2022

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how do you activate the cheat menu