1.15.1 update


  • Improved setting dialogs.

  • Reduce the height of most textboxes for higher content density.

  • [Graph] Add option to scale preview image and to make image avoid label.

  • [Graph] Add option to fade out non-selecting connection for better visiblity.

    • None: No fading
    • ALT: Fade when hold the ALT key
    • Always: Always fade when select any node.
  • [Release note] Improve text display.

  • [Release note] Right-click on version number to copy.


  • Introduce the brand new 3D workflow for better, more modular 3D manipulation in Pixel Composer.

  • Array processor node now balances array (convert scalar to the array, resize array to match value) for each spread value.

  • Toggling animation on the property with 1 keyframe will create a key on the current animation frame.

  • Improve obj file loading speed.

  • Enum and boolean data types will create a hold keyframe by default.

  • [Canvas] Draw action is now undoable.

  • [Draw Text] Remove the character range property as it does nothing.


  • Fix array compatibility to several widgets.
  • [Release Note] Fix dialog does not fetch the right release note.
  • [Animator] Fix properties sometimes disappear.
  • [Canvas] Fix holding the alt key still activates tool action.
  • [Particle] Fix negative acceleration causes the particle to move weirdly.
  • [Trigger] Fix error when connecting trigger to inspector action.
  • [Struct] Fix buffer in struct converted to number.
  • [Polygonal Shape] Fix error when using path output in other nodes.
  • [Path] Fix inspector not showing the right anchor list.
  • [Equation] Fix AST not cache properly.
  • [Warp, Area Warp] Fix the default anchor position not the same as the surface dimension.


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25 days ago

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