1.15 Stable is out now!!


  • [Graph panel] Long junction data (>1024 characters) now got trimmed when previewing.
  • [4 Point Gradient] Add falloff properties for each point.
  • [Wav File In] Loudness value now represent in decibel.
  • [Composite/Armature bind] Now use alpha-compensated blending.
  • [Directional Blur] Add oversample attribute.
  • [Scatter] Add scatter distance, and path shift for path mode.


  • Fix preview timeline is not run in real-time (eg. 300 frames run @ 30fps takes longer than 10s).
  • Fix errors when modifying global surface dimension.
  • Fix dialog close order.
  • [Font scroll box] Fix the error when opening the widget.
  • [Collection] Fix dialog disappears when selecting tags.
  • [Collection] Fix metadata not loaded properly.
  • [Collection] Fix crashes when uploading a project to Steam.
  • [Collection] Fix error when selecting asserts.
  • [Palette Replace] Fix incorrect color matching.
  • [Wav File In] Fix duration set to zero if audio is shorter than 1 second.
  • [Composite] Fix the error when previewing the node when selecting a previously disconnected surface.
  • [Directional Blur] Fix alpha blending to make the image darker.


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46 days ago

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