1.15 Release Candidate 4


  • [Armature Bind] Add option to apply bone local transform instead of global.
  • [Armature] Improve undo, redo.
  • [Sort Palette] Add custom sorting.


  • [Graph Panel] Fix copy/pasting doesn’t work.
  • [Add node dialog] Fix context menu not interactable.
  • [Armature Bind] Fix the surface display on the wrong axis.
  • [Armature Pose] Fix IK not resolved correctly.
  • [Color Replace] Fix junction does not show up in the graph.
  • [Splice Spritesheet] Fix sync animation set fractional frame amount.
  • [Sort Palette] Fix sort not follow order property.


[Beta] PixelComposer 1.15rc4 itch.zip 52 MB
49 days ago

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