1.15 Release Candidate 3

  • [Collection] Collection metadata is now saved in a separate file for faster collection loading.


  • Unified dynamic input nodes, this should improve backward compatibility for future versions.

  • Add 2 new global structs Program and Device

    • Program.time Get time (in seconds) since the program started.
    • Device.timeSecond Get current second.
    • Device.timeMinute Get the current minute.
    • Device.timeHour Get the current hour.
    • Device.timeDay Get the current day in the month (1 - 31).
    • Device.timeDayInWeek Get the current day in the week (0 - 6).
    • Device.timeMonth Get the current month.
    • Device.timeYear Get the current year.
  • [Threshold] Brightness and alpha thresholds are now separated and can be enabled, and adjusted separately.

  • [RGB Extract] The output RGB now always have full alpha.

  • [Composite] Fix alpha blending.


  • [Splash dialog] Fix crashes when running with no internet connection.
  • [Collection Panel] Fix crashes when using “replace with selected”.
  • [Animation Panel] Fix freeze in some situations.
  • [Inspector Panel] Fix metadata not save/load properly.
  • [TextArea] Fix autocompletion delete string after the cursor.
  • [Display text] Fix line not brake correctly.
  • [Region fill] Fix error on create.
  • [Region fill] Fix fill algorithm.
  • [Particle] Fix junction rearrange when duplicating the node.
  • [Trail] Fix alpha over life property not working.
  • [Expression] Fix string concatenation error for longer string.
  • Fix the error popup on the code textbox with extra empty lines.
  • Fix crash when saving, and loading preset.


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52 days ago

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