1.15 Release Candidate 2


  • [Preview, Graph panel] Grid setting is now stored per project and saved between sessions.
  • [Add node] Add multi-nodes action for faster access to common operations.


  • Expression now support variable increment (++, –, +=, -=, *=, /=)

  • [Posterize] Add option to apply alpha before posterization.

  • [Armature Bind] Bone structure is now updated in real-time.

  • [Armature Bind] Add option to inherit bone rotation and scale.


  • [Armature, Pose] Preview editing now snap to the grid.
  • [Armature Bind] Fix surface jumping around when editing surface from the preview panel.
  • [Path wave, shift, blend] Fix error when used with fix length line.
  • Fix various expression bugs.
  • Fix expression autocomplete to show duplicated local variable.
  • Fix area data jump around when set to non-center+span mode.
  • Fix the project not fully closed when closing the panel while inside a group.


[Beta] PixelComposer 1.15rc2 itch.zip 60 MB
55 days ago

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