1.14.4 update

  • [Workshop] Add a warning when uploading an item to the workshop without selecting a node for a thumbnail.


  • [Splash] Now show file metadata on hover.
  • [Graph] Add nodes alignment button in the context menu.
  • [Animation] Add option to disable keyframe override.
  • [Animation] Add Shift+Space to resume (play from the current frame).


  • New audio nodes

    • Audio read
    • Audio window
  • New plot graph/bar node

  • New Array copy node

  • New FFT node

  • [Array] Changing array type now reset every input.

  • [Blend] When using “preserve alpha” the alpha value for the foreground pixel will also be used to blend the final result.

  • [Edge detect] New “neighbor max diff” algorithm, similar to Laplacian but remove the bright, dark pixel in the corner.

  • [RGB, HSV] Add an option not to normalize the RGB value.

  • [Export] Add extensions in the file dialog, automatically set type and format when modifying export file extension.


  • [ASE layer] Fix memory leak.
  • [Mesh warp] If no mesh is generated, will return to the original surface. This should make the node runs on load.
  • [Warp] Fix artifact on some edge (trapezoid) case.
  • [Equation] Fix connection disappear on load.
  • [Graph] Fix crash when copying, overlay canvas.
  • [Mesh Warp] Fix mesh generation misses small pixel patch.
  • Appending node group now use the initial value as the “default” value, thus resetting those value should work properly without warning.
  • Fix node internal name not registered on start.
  • Fix equation evaluation with unary negative (eg. 5*-1) returns 0.


  • New default Addon controller mapper.


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13 days ago

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