1.14.3 update

If the program not starting up, try deleting the layouts folder in %appdata%/PixelComposer and run the software again.

Update v1.14.3

  • Add option to disable save minify in preference > general.
  • Global variable can now be animated.


  • New addon panel.
  • [Inspector] Expression is now editable even when connected.
  • [Preview] Add right-click menu to copy the current previewing image to the clipboard.
  • Textbox now truncates numbers with high decimal precision properly.


  • New array sorting group. Sort array using node graph as a condition.

  • New 3D export node.

  • New 3D displace node.

  • New FXAA node.

  • Improve array access in expression.

  • [Sort Array] Renamed to sort numbers, also output sorted index.

  • [3D] Improve preview gizmo.


  • Fix connection selection not working.
  • Fix color depth setting reverting when resizing the surface.
  • Fix crash when loading obj file with trailing space.
  • Fix cache error with simulation nodes.


Pixel Composer now supports lua addon. Currently, PC addon API includes

  • Most GML native functions
  • Panel content getter
  • Node values getter/setter
  • Limited widget support
    • TextBox
    • VectorBox
    • CheckBox
    • Button
    • ButtonColor
  • Context menu manipulation.


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32 days ago

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