1.14.1 update

  • Globalvar is now expression. Support for equation, direct reference to other node values (please dont use it to create recursive reference).
    • This change means Globalvar name now can’t have space in it.


  • Add ability to set path for the main directory (preference > general > Directory path).
    • Note that Pixel Composer may not be able to access some folder in the C drive. When that happen, it will revert to the default APPDATA folder (even tho it also in the C drive, weird right?)


  • New morph surface node.

  • New translate point node (move vec2 point using direction and distance).

  • New Dot, Cross product node.

  • New SpriteAtlas data type.

    • New draw atlas node
    • New atlas get/set node
  • [Transform] Add scale output mode. (Output scale by the “Scale” property).

  • [Sample Path] Add pingpong sample mode.

  • [Sample Path] Add direction output.

  • [Scatter] Add scatter along path mode.

  • [Scatter] Add atlas data output.

  • [Stack] Add atlas data output.

  • [Composite] Add atlas data output.

  • [Pack Sprite] Change atlas data to SpriteAtlas type.


  • [Collection] Creating a collection should be based on the panel that call the add dialog. (In case of multiple collection panels.)
  • [Loop] Fix freeze when loop input has no connection.
  • [Loop] Fix last iteration run twice.


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48 days ago

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As of this update, I can no longer run the app. ;(

Looking in the log file, the “Directory” is an empty string, and I’m wondering if this is something missed in testing with the new directory setting feature.

Same, reported here  https://steamcommunity.com/app/2299510/discussions/1/6169410450157204573/