1.14 pre release 9

  • Add scroll speed in preference.
  • [Animation] Zooming timeline now focus on mouse position.
  • [Animation] Timeline got extra guide lines.
  • Tools and widgets color is now affected by accent color setting.


  • [Image, file importers] Rename “Execute Node” action to “Refresh”.
  • [Noise, Perlin, Simplex] Add colored noise mode.
  • [Radial blur] Add sample interpolation modes.
  • [De-corner] Improve corner detection algorithm.


  • Fix Explorer always opens the document folder.
  • Fix output visibility value not saved.
  • [Render sprite sheet] Fix animation mode not working if the image is not animating.
  • [Loop] Fix freezing on update.
  • Fix crashes when the program can’t find the theme directory.

patch 9.1

  • [Line] Fix mod by zero error when using fix length mode on an empty path.
  • [L-system] Fix error when use in path array.

patch 9.2

  • [Animation panel] Now show the node’s full name (“[type] name”).

  • [Rigidbody object] Selecting the node now show a wireframe of all meshes in an array.

  • [Rigidbody render] Fix the object not drawn in the same position as its physical object.

  • [Rigidbody] Fix unstable simulation.

  • Fix export ignores alpha.

patch 9.3

  • [Array add] Add option to spread array.
  • [Image animation] Fix array access error.
  • [Image animation] Frame duration now accept float.
  • [Export] Improve image sequence export speed.
  • Fix adding blend node shortcut build node far away from the selecting nodes.

patch 9.4

  • [Animation panel] Add button to toggle between full node name and node type.
  • [Replace image] Add randomize array mode.
  • [Graph panel] Add more zoom levels.
  • [Array, Array add, insert, delete] Add array spreading option.


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