1.14 pre release 3

Change since pre release 2


  • New array filter group.

  • Add texture interpolation mode (bilinear, bicubic, radSin) for several nodes.

    • Transform
    • Scale
    • Composite
    • Dilate
    • Displace
    • Texture remap
    • Twirl
    • 9-Slice
    • Polar coordinate
    • Skew
    • Warp
    • Warp area
    • Warp mesh
  • Oversample property moved to setting page.

  • Vector value can now be separated to animate each value independently.

  • File preview size now limited to 128*128


  • Fix struct store surface as number.

Change since pre release 3


  • [Add node] Type an equal sign followed by an equation to create an equation node with the corresponding equation, variables.
  • [Inspector] Add button to pop out global variable to its own panel.
  • [Scroll menu] Add the ability to search menu content.


  • [Color data] Add an option to disable normalization.
  • [Pack sprite] Add spacing option.


  • [Color data] Fix the luminance equation.


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