1.14 pre release 1


  • Tabbed panel.
  • [Inspector] Add a setting tab for access and modify node-specific settings.
  • [Global variable] New panel for managing global variable.
  • [Add node] Add ability to favorite node and favorite tab.
  • [Graph] Rearrange right-click menu, add “open group in new tab” and “send to new inspector”.


  • Introducing StrandSim, a hair/fur simulation system.

    • New StrandSim effect group
    • Strand create, create hair from the point, path, mesh
    • Strand renderer
    • Strand force, gravity, modifiers, collision.
    • Strand can also be cast directly to path, allowing for spawning hair on hair, line drawing, etc.
  • New mesh data type.

    • Mesh from path node
    • Mesh transform node
  • Color depth settings is now available in some nodes.

    • 7 color depths (4/8/16/32 RGBA, 8/16/32 Greyscale)
  • New pack sprites nodes. Pack an array of different-sized images using different algorithms.

  • New mix color node.

  • [Lua] Executing a node now execute all nodes in the execution chain.

  • [Lua] Node now runs without playing when set to “Execute on frame” or “Every frame”

  • [Path] Add transform tool.

  • [Path] Add anchor array output.

  • [Path] Add fix length mode.

  • [Line] Add texture property.

  • [Group input] Add path, particle, rigid body, fluid domain, struct, strand, and mesh data type.

  • [Particle, VFX] Max particle moved to node setting.

  • [Group] Separator editor moved to node setting.

  • [Array processor] Array processing type moved to node setting.

  • [Shape separator] Maximum shape moved to node setting.

  • [Polygon shape] Add mesh and path output.

  • [Crop content] Add post-crop padding property.

  • [Path blend, transform, wave, builder, L-system] Add boundary data.

  • [Render Sprite Sheet] Add sprite atlas output.

  • [Splice Sprite Sheet] Add sprite atlas output.


  • [Preview panel] Fix tool swapping while typing in the textbox.
  • [Lua] Fix node in execution chain not rendering every frame.
  • [Panel] Fix some panel becomes unresizable.
  • [Animation] fix freeze when adding path anchor keyframe directly from animation or inspector panel.
  • [Texture remap] Fix the inverted y-axis.


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