1.13.8 update

Update v1.13.8

  • Define global variable and access it from anywhere using key pair.


  • Flexible panel.
    • Save and load layout workspace.
    • Pop out panels into separate windows, and embed some windows into the panel.
    • Create multiple Graphs, Inspector panels with different content.
  • [Tunnels, History, Notification, Preview] Can now be embedded into a panel.
  • [Animation] Add alternative interface when sized down.
  • [Menubar] Add vertical interface.
  • [Inspector] Hold to toggle animation and visibility of multiple properties.
  • [Inspector] Add a lock button to fix the inspecting node.
  • [TextArea] Improve line cutting for long words.


  • New path plot node.

  • New array zip node.

  • New text length node.

  • Struct data is coming to Pixel Composer.

    • New struct create node.
    • New struct get node.
  • [Group] New input manager for creating collapsible groups.

  • [Group input] Slider and slider range now have step property.

  • [Cache, Cache array] Add a button to clear cache.

  • [Draw gradient, gradient shift] Add gradient scale property.

  • [Path transform] Add anchor point property.

  • [Path] Path drawing tool.

  • [Line] Trim path now more stable.

  • [Canvas] New channel, alpha setting.

  • [Json read] Allow reading nested struct using dot notation.

  • [Lua compute, surface] Add struct variable type.

  • [Composite] Input surface, position, rotation, and scale are now grouped.

  • [Cellular noise] Point, Edge, Cell pattern type is now seamless.

  • [VFX spawner] Now output only active particles.

  • [VXF variable, override] Add surface, velocity variable.

  • [Text trim] Add word trimming mode, ratio base counter mode.


  • Fix node runs twice per frame.
  • Fix space inside the quote not showing on the code box.
  • [Lua] Fix lua compiler not running.
  • [Group input] Fix crashes when setting type to slider range.
  • [Array] Fix widget does not show up on load.
  • [Gradient] Fix gradient data not passing between dynamic type nodes.
  • [Canvas] Fix content not save/load between sessions.
  • [Render spritesheet] Fix index out of bound error on animation mode.


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