1.13.4 update

Update v1.13.4

  • Reworked gradient system to allow gradient blend type to be send with gradient data.


  • Hotkey now trigger on key press (instead of release)
  • Hotkey can be trigger after another without releasing modifier keys.
  • Uninteractable item now more distinct.
  • [Graph] Ability to copy, paste node.
  • [Graph] Ability to adjust midpoint in curve, elbow line.
  • [Graph] Improve curve connection line rendering.
  • [Inspector] Curve box can be zoom out (fixed zoom level).
    • Anchor point is fixed between 0 to 1
    • Control points fix fixed between -1 to 1
  • [Animator] Add ability to duplicate, copy, paste keyframes.
  • [Animator] Remove all keyframe will remove node from the timeline.
  • [Preview window] Now support image array.


  • New cache node.

  • [Group] Add button to manual execute every node inside.

  • [Export] Option to start image sequence at any index.

  • [Fluid, rigidbody render] Now cache output for timeline scrubbing.

  • [Cache, cache array] Cached surface now store between session.

  • [Cache, cache array] Caching now support surface array.


  • Fix rigidbody node only run after the first loop.
  • Fix error when exporting node with cache.
  • Fix crash when sending image array to preview window.
  • [Ase read] Fix layer name not save.
  • [Math] Fix value b not show up in inspector on lerp mode.


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