1.13.3 update

Update v1.13.3


  • [Preview] Hold ctrl to show the color of the hovering pixel.
  • [Graph] Add an option to enter the group by right-click menu.
  • [Graph] Context menu now shows display name if set.


  • New flood fill node

  • Array processors now have options for expanding array input into all combinations of values.

  • [Hex, Tri grid] Seamless tile color.

  • [Perlin noise] Add option to disable tiling.

  • [Perlin noise] Make high iteration value look less repetitive.

  • [CSV file in] Setting “Convert to number” will set the output type to number.

  • [Export] Now show the input surface in the graph.

  • [Export] Image sequence index now starts at 1.

  • [Round corner] Output now keep the color.

  • [Array add] Now accept dynamic inputs.


  • Fix palette value not update automatically.
  • Fix array processor not recognize palette array.
  • [Export] Fix node runs twice when in a loop.
  • [Preview] Fix horizontal and vertical tiling errors.
  • [Camera] Fix background not moving.
  • [RigidSim] Fix object not rendering.
  • Area fill surface now works properly with other area types.
    • Two-point area type now movable.


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