1.13.2 update

Update v1.13.2

Due to change in grid nodes, loading project from older version will show warning. I only update collections on 1.x update.

This update also comes with update on demo version as well.


  • [Preview] Floating window for showing node output.
  • [Textbox] Decimal value truncated on small text box (visual only).
  • [Inspector] Color selector dialog for output can now be open.
  • [Inspector] Color, gradient, palette output now can’t be modify by opening dialog.
  • Unified dialog code for notification, action history, preference, output visiblity, and presets.
    • Clicking one dialog now bring it forward.
    • Option to pin dialog on screen.


  • [Average] Now works with alpha channel.
  • [Average] Add color output (as color value).
  • [Grid, Hex, Triangle grid] Col1, Col2 renamed to tile color, gap color
    • Tile color now accept gradient for random color.
  • [Grid, Hex, Triangle grid] Added texture grid, texture sample mode.
  • [Grid, Hex, Triangle grid noise] Removed (from add node dialog, still loadable from older save file.), superseded by non-noise version.


  • [Export] Fix error when Execute all export nodes from render menu.
  • [Lua] Fix crash on opening reference.


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