1.12.2 patch

Pixel Composer v1.12.2


  • Comma (,) symbol will be treated as dot (.) in the number box.
  • Restoring crashed file now open the project in “safe mode”.
  • Number conversion now accept E-notation.


  • [Add node] Option to show all nodes when opening dialog from junction.
  • [Palette editor] Adding / removing color now change the selecting color appropriately.
  • [Color, Palette, Gradient] Add revert button to revert change back to previous value.


  • [Scatter] Revert back to array processor. Add properties to deal with array surface.
  • [Export] Now support .webp file for single, animation export.
  • [Remove Color] Add option to invert (keep the color and remove the rest.)
  • [Canvas] Add option to add background to the canvas.
  • [4 point gradient] Add option to use palette as input color.
  • [Colorize] Add option to multiply alpha.


  • Fix crash when ungroup node.
  • [Logic operation] Fix “not” logic shows 2 input, and and logic only shows 1 input.
  • [Canvas] Fix output initialize with random surface.
  • [Obj] Fix mtl file name with space not loaded.
  • [Obj] Fix loading problem with 4 sided polygon.


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53 days ago

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