1.12 Update

Pixel Composer v1.12


  • Save file now minified, reduce file size by around 30%.
  • Add unique value type to path object, particles, and rigidbody object.
  • New crash dialog automatically copy crash log to clipboard/file, auto-save, relaunch option.
  • Add “_default” preset to set default value.
  • Ability to add metadata to project, collections.
  • Curve data now can contain multiple segments.
  • Modify default assets folder, add new assets.
  • Color value now connectable to number.


  • Window now remember and apply maximize state.
  • [Add node] Option to show only connectable nodes.
  • [Notification panel] Add pin/unpin button to keep the dialog open when unfocused.
  • [Graph] Shift to preview now works with surface array.
  • [Inspector] Output junction visibility dialog.
  • [Inspector] Palette and gradient button now clickable even when connected to other nodes.
  • [Assetbox] Now show asset dimension.
  • [Assetbox] Directory panel now resizable.


  • New fluid simulation node group.

  • New Scatter Point node.

  • New VFX variable, override node.

  • New rigidbody variable, override node.

  • New curve node.

  • New palette replace node.

  • New array shuffle, set, find, insert, remove, reverse nodes.

  • New blend path node.

  • New logic operation node.

  • [Scatter, Particle, VFX spawner] Use surface as a spawn distribution map.

  • [Scatter, Particle, VFX spawner] Add Direct Data distribution type allowing object to spawn directly from array of x, y positions.

  • [Particle] Add area control reference.

  • [Math] Math node can now operate on N-dimension array.

  • [Math] Add lerp, absolute operation.

  • [Stack] Now spread out array input to create single image.

  • [3D object] Now read mtl file path from .obj file (not just by file name).

  • [Text splice] Show space as <space> in the inspector.

  • [Text, JSON, CSV out] Remove ability to connect array to path value, and add manual update button.

  • [Particle, VFX renderer] Alpha blending now work properly.

  • [Pixel Cloud] Add alpha random properties.

  • [Path] Add ability to create uniform primitive path by holding shift.

  • [Path] Adding new anchor now placed on the hovering segment.

  • [Shape] Add path properties allowing creation of shape using path data.

  • [Canvas] Improve brush alpha blending, eraser with brush.

  • [Aseprite] Add palette output.

  • Add mask and mix properties to many filter nodes.

  • Add button to activate, deactivate node effects in many nodes.


  • Fix curve evaluation glitch where some value “explode” in size.
  • Fix integer textbox can’t be modify using Shift + scroll.
  • Fix palette padded with black color when connected from external node.
  • Fix node preset not apply.
  • Fix file extension with uppercase not loaded.
  • Fix ctrl, alt, shift key freeze after the program lose focus (either by alt + tab or dialog pop-up).
  • Fix array of colors not register as palette.
  • Fix crash when open file with open as… option.
  • Fix error notification not destroy when delete node.
  • Fix duplicating group node not duplicating its content.
  • [Splice sprite sheet] Fix crash when set type to animation with empty output.
  • [Splice sprite sheet] Fix filter setting disappear when output type is set to animation
  • [Tunnel] Fix node not connect when loaded.
  • [Camera] Fix crash when no input surface given.
  • [Rigidbody global] Fix crash on start.
  • [Render Sprite Sheet] Fix crash when resize window.
  • [Canvas] Fix crash when using flood fill.
  • [Canvas] Fix content not load properly.
  • [Lua compute, Lua surface] Fix argument type, value not load properly.
  • [Palette extract] Fix all color algorithm sample in-between pixels.

Upgrading note

When loading 1.11 save file/collection to 1.12, these are properties that have to be updated:

  • Curve data: Node with curve properties has to be updated to support multi segment curves.
    • Evaluate curve node (formerly called curve node).
    • Repeat node
    • VFX effector node
    • VFX spawner node
    • Particle node
    • Pixel cloud node
    • Line node

New demo

This version also comes with new revision of demo system. The demo will now be the same version as the full version, but with crucial features disabled:

  • Ability to save/load project.
  • Ability create/update collection.
  • Ability to use export node.


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