1.11.1 Patch

Pixel Composer v1.11.1


  • Shift + scroll wheel while hovering on textbox, scrollbox to adjust value.


  • [Lua] Compilation error now appear as warning in the notification.

  • [Lua] Added Lua reference sheet.

  • [Separate Shape] Add notification when the value us updated without execution.

  • [Mesh Wrap] Removing control point, unpinning now require holding Shift key.

  • [Path] Removing anchor point now require holding Shift key.

  • [Rigid Apply Force] Add explosion force type. Add preview controller.

  • Rename “RGB extract” node to “RGBA extract”.

  • Rename “counter” node to “frame index”.


  • Fix crash when loading older preference file to newer (>=1.11) version.
  • [Array get] Fix crash when using negative value as index.


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64 days ago

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