1.1.0 Update

Pixel Composer v1.1.0


  • Widgets are now navigable using Tab, Shift + Tab.
  • Palette selector in gradient editor.
  • Font preview.
  • Hotkey reset button.


  • [Inspector] Non-interactable widget is now greyed out.
  • [Inspector] Area data can now be define using padding, two points.
  • [Collection] Directory tree is now resizable.
  • [Collection] Thumbnail now only load on demand.
  • [Graph] Toggle to show, hide node preview.


  • New ASE file importer node.
    • Support: layers, linked layer, tags, index/greyscale color depth.
    • Not support: tiles.

  • New shadow caster node.

  • New 2D repeat node.

  • New palette extraction node.

  • New random node.

  • New text combine node.

  • [Equation] Now accept power operation (a ^ b).

  • [Transform] Hold alt while moving anchor point to keep position.

  • [Mirror] Add mirror mask output.

  • [Blur] Add oversample mode.

  • [Edge detect] Add oversample mode.

  • [Convolution] Add oversample mode.

  • [VFX, particle] Particle scaling speed changed to scale over time.
  • [VFX, particle] Option to spawn object out of the center.
  • [VFX, particle] Particle overflow now remove old part.
  • [VFX, Particle] Add random color property.
  • [VFX, particle] Improve performance.
  • [Scatter] Add color, alpha random property.
  • [Scatter] Floating seed now blend smoothly.
  • [Tri, Hex noise] Add texture sampling mode.
  • [Padding] Add filling option, color properties.
  • [Separate shape] Remove multi nodes output type for stability.
  • [Blur] Add color override property.
  • [Compose] Hold ALT to snap to edge, center.
  • [Compose] Layer selectability trigger.
  • [Normal] Normal now multiply alpha.
  • [Bevel] Bevel now accept greyscale as height.
  • [Shape] Rectangle is now change to round rect, remove round rect.
  • [Shape] Add new shapes.
  • [Normal light] Sun light now act like infinite light source.
  • [Camera] Add zoom property.
  • [Camera] Add element property for creating parallax effect.
  • [Camera] Move to compose category.

  • [Splice sprite sheet] Now require manual update.

  • [Splice sprite sheet] Add option to skip empty sprite.

  • [Export] Exporting image array will only show 1 combined notification.

  • Rename atlas node to pixel expand.

  • Add force refresh button for file read nodes.


  • Fix surface with 1 px dimension (1 x n, n x 1, 1 x 1) not updating.
  • Fix collection value load in the wrong order.
  • Fix node creation shortcut not create node in the current context.
  • Fix rendering order mishap in some case.
  • Fix pin selection not render properly.
  • Fix dialog showing when duplicating image input node.
  • [Preference] Fix hotkey page not showing.
  • [Preview panel] Fix node gizmo can still be interacted while changing image array.
  • [3D cube node] Fix UV mapping.
  • [Sampler node] Fix position value rounded in fractional unit.
  • [VFX effector nodes] Fix crash on update.
  • [VFX renderer] Fix additive blend mode.
  • [VFX, particle] Fix particle spawn less than expected.
  • [Pixel cloud] Fix node not displaying result.


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Woo! Thanks!


love this update! Also don’t forget to update the thumbnail image on the tools page ;)

Just did that, thanks for the reminder.