2.2 Update


  • New power Quick action call week action selector immediately.
  • Weather: some map can trigger different weather.
    • Rain 10% in normal map,
      • 25% in Songkhla.
      • 5% in Nakhon Ratchasima.
      • Replace by winter in Chiang Mai.
    • Rain cause pond tile to spawn more, increase farmland grow rate.
    • Winter slow down farmland.
  • Farmland next to beach now decrease food output by 1.
  • Add card remove action for all cards. 
  • Hospital recover graveyard once every 3 days.
  • Switch some map order.
  • Level progression, unlock next level by reaching score condition. 
  • New unique tiles  for some maps
    • Potato field (replace rice field in Nakhon Ratchasima) larger water seeking range.
  • Some map now stop some tile to spawn completely
    • Chiang Mai block farmland tile. 
    • Nakhon Ratchasima block pond tile.
  • New achievements
    • Architect Build 250 buildings in one game.
    • High rise Build tier 3 house with maximum education level.
    • High density Build a single house with at least 32 people.
    • Industrialize Generate 1000 workforce from factory.
    • Necromancer Recover 20 graveyards in total.
    • Historian Construct 24 museums in total.
    • Demolisher Demolish 50 buildings with wrecking ball.
    • Merger Conglomerate 100 buildings in total.
    • Isolated Use isolation to remove 100 tiles.
    • Detached Use detachment 50 times.
    • Incarcerated Arrest 50 thieves in total.
    • Deforestation Destroy 100 forest (including coconut and rubber forest).
    • Tourism boom Gain half of people from tourism (at least 30population)
    • Overcharge Generate 16 electricity in one game.
  • Removed achievements
    • Tactician 
    • Full deck Some map may block some type of card, making this achievement unachievable.
  • Each building now have different base score.
  • Forest food generation now take building level to account.
  • Livestock now generate twice as much food every 5 days.


  • Livestock tile show the wrong icon when not place next to house.
  • Fix bug that allow the player to remove all card.
  • Fix bug that make week action permanent.


  • Rail tile now spawn train.
  • New dialog UI.
  • Progress bar when hover on building.
  • Screen effect when use isolation and detachment.
  • Exit the game manually won't record high score anymore, as most point deduction happen in late game. 
    • You can still get in session achievement.


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Oct 03, 2021
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Oct 03, 2021

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