1.6 Update

Features / Balances

  • BG music by Modern Lofi Ambient by Cyberleaf Studio.
  • New tile, Tourist.
    • Add population with fixed education level depends on level.
    • Generate workforce when place next to tourist attraction (mountain, pond, forest, temple)
    • Level 3 ability : Travel boom, double population for 1 week. (2 week recharge)
  • New tile, Power Plant.
    • Increase efficiency to most building types.
    • Level 3 ability : Overcharge, destroy 1 house for permanant bonus increase.
  • New tile, Transport
    • Generate workforce and reduce food requirement for house connected to rail netwok.
    • Level 3 ability : Exim, convert all food production in the next 3 days in to workforce.
  • New thief system
    • When a populaion building (house, tourism) lacks food for 2 weeks. It have a small (25%) chance to turn into thief house instead of graveyard.
    • Crime rate decrease when a tile is near temple.
    • Crime rate increase when a tile is near tourism (or is tourism tile itself).
    • Thief house doesn't work (does not collect faith, workforce) and require more food than normal house.
  • New tile, Police station
    • Remove theif and collect workforce. 
    • Level 3 ability : Intense monitoring, increase food requirement but remove crime rate completely for 1 week.
  • Week end dialog now appear every week.
    • On even week, choose new tile to unlock.
    • On odd week, choose special actions.
  • Merge chain (sequential merge cause by placing one building) now multiplt score. 
  • Highscore and setting now save between sessions.
  • Achievement system with 11 achievements.

Bug fixes

  •  Fix audio sample mismatch in some case. 


  • Added ground effect when select map, place building.


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Aug 11, 2021

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