1.4 Update

Features / Balances

  • Level 3 buildings now comes with ability that can be activate once a week.
    • Farm : Controlled burn
  • New Rail tile, unlock at week 12. Rail connect house to other services building next to the same rail network.
  • New Museum tile, unlock every 6 ruins. Museum tile clear up ruin and increase education reach.
  • New small bussiness varient (vendor lv. 2), processing plant. Place 2 or more farm  next to small bussiness building to unlock food multiplier building. 
  • Conglomerate 3 or more schools now upgrade it.
  • Reduce pond spawn rate after week 8.

Bug fixes

  •  Fix water sound when selecting map.


  • Wrecking ball and Conglomeration power now cancelable using right click.
  • Conglomeration won't show range when hover on non-conglomerable building.
  • Detachment also remove currrent fixed building.
  • Bell sound now lower pitched.

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