1.5 Update

Features / Balances

  • New tile, Factory. Factory convert food directly into workforce.
    • Build factory near 2 farms to absorb farm and convert to processing plant.
    • Level 3 ability : Build a silo that increase food collection range. 
  • New tile, Livestock. An alternative ways to get food. Slower than farm but only need to be place near house.
    • Level 3 ability : Dairy farm toggle, product small amount of food everyday.
  • New tile selection window gives you a choice on what tile to unlock next.
  • New map, a mountainous Chiang Mai with its unique farmland buffing mountain tile.
  • Added adjacent tile bonuses.
  • Reduce pond spawn rate after week 5 (reduce again at week 8 ).
  • Remove ability to convert workplace to processing plant. (replace by factory)
  • Lower power cost increment rate from 25% to 20%.

Bug fixes

  • Fix game over when the last piece create more empty space. 
  • All food productions now go to factory, processing plant when possible.


  • Wrecking ball and Conglomeration power now cancelable using right click.
  • Improve text rendering allowing inline sprite to be drawn when using center text alignment (just want to put it here because it's pretty hard)
  • Added symbol in description
    •  Requirement 
    •  Bonus
    •  Dissatisfy

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