1.15.2 Update


  • [3D Preview] Add a warning when changing preview settings while previewing the camera node.
  • [Inspector] Add option to use Euler angle for 3D rotation.
  • [Inspector] Textbox now always displays as a new line.
  • [Inspector] Textarea can now be pop out as a separate panel.
  • [Inspector] Long data (>1024 characters) will be displayed as “[Long String (N char)]” to prevent freeze (except in textArea).
  • [Text Inputs] Selecting text with the mouse now moves the cursor properly.
  • [Text Inputs] Ctrl + backspace to delete word.
  • Random rotator now comes with 3 extra modes.
  • Improve the tooltip for enum buttons.


  • Introducing dynaSurf (dynamic surface). A new type of surface with a custom rendering function.
  • New IsoSurf node.
  • Group input and output order is now an attribute instead of a property (appear in the settings tab).
  • New HLSL node.


  • [3D Camera] Fix render result error when previewing.
  • [Scrollpane] Fix flashing when content height changes which toggle scrollbar.
  • [TextArea] Fix autocomplete and delete the line.
  • [Text Inputs] Fix some modifier keys (eg. backspace, tab, etc.) not trigger.
  • [TextArea] Fix autocomplete replaces the wrong string.
  • [Particle, VFX] Fix wiggle property break loop.
  • [WAV File In] Fix volume calculation error when looping.
  • [WAV File In] Fix playback stutter when looping.
  • [Warp] Fix bug when anchor creates a trapezoid shape for an image larger than 1000px * 1000px.
  • [Armature] Fix error when previewing.
  • Fix connection adjustment reset on load.
  • Fix connection issues for some dynamic input nodes.
  • Fix? array processor error when dealing with an empty array.


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9 days ago

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