1.14 pre release 6

  • Add surface format compatibility check on start.
  • New input for triggering node execution.
  • New trigger data type.
    • New trigger, boolean to trigger node.


  • Reduce UI framerate to 1 when minimized.


  • [Bevel] Shifting property now use pixel unit.
  • [Bevel] Add shift control gizmo in the preview panel.
  • [Particle] Add gravity direction.
  • [Particle] Add turning property.


  • Fix node connect after group not updating.
  • [Area node] Fix crash when creating node.
  • [Path plot] Fix “getBoundary” function not found.
  • [Strand break] Fix value not found.
  • [RigidSim, FluidSim, StrandSim] Fix node not updating.
  • [Mesh warp] Fix node not load properly.
  • [Mesh warp] Fix bug related to vertex pinning.
  • [ASE read] Fix palette always show the same color.

Patch .1

  • [Bevel] Fix crashes when previewing the node without any data.

Patch .2

  • [Image array editor] Fix crash when open editor with invalid path.
  • [Image array] Fix modifying path array not update the output.
  • [Warp] Rework warping algorithm.
  • [Condition] Add string compare mode.
  • Fix group not updating.


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