1.14 pre release 5

Wait did I forgot to post about pre-release 4.



  • [Separate shape] Add option for auto execute.
  • [Flood fill] Add max iteration attribute.
  • [Array get, set, insert] Add ability to set negative index to get/set member from the last value.


  • [VFX, particle] Fix node not updating.
  • Fix crash when resize window with modified content.
  • Fix button not clickable on dialog panel.
  • Fix window dragging area decreased in maximize mode.



  • New color, palette, and gradient panel.
  • Autosave only happens on a modified project.
  • Improved data drag-drop system.
    • Drag color, a palette from panel to node/inspector to set value.
    • Drag surface from asset tab in collection panel to inspector to set value.
    • Drag color, and palette to graph to create corresponding nodes.
    • Drag almost every value type to the graph panel to create a new node. Hold shift to connect to the previous node.
  • [Add node] Add a recent section to the favorite page.
  • [Workspace] Add a button for saving the current workspace.
  • [Workspace] Add right-click menu for the set, replace, and delete workspaces.


  • Add regular expression nodes
    • Match
    • Search
    • Replace
  • [Mesh warp] Remove inflate and pinch mode.
  • [Mesh warp] Add link strength property.
  • [Separate shape] Now use color data when separating shapes as well.
  • [Scatter] Add addition blend mode.


  • Fix subgraph update not updating properly.
  • [Mesh warp] Fix control point affect vertices multiple times.


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71 days ago

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