1.13.7 Update

Update v1.13.7


  • [Splash] Add button to open autosave folder.


  • New array shift node.

  • New path builder node (create a path from an array of vec2 points).

  • New L-system node.

  • [Lua] Add Project object for accessing metadata

    • Project.frame Get the current frame (start at 0)
    • Project.frameTotal Get animation length
    • Project.fps Get framerate
  • [Cache array] Add start, end, and step properties to control output range.

  • [Line] Now support path array.

  • [Line] 1px mode for pixel-perfect line rendering (fix width to 1 pixel).

  • [Line] More stable line trimming.

  • [Blend] New difference blend mode.


  • Fix freeze when moving the cursor on a long line of text in textarea.
  • Fix elbow, diagonal connection line color blending glitch.
  • Fix loading error on some array processors.
  • Fix crash when duplicating gradient.
  • Fix the gradient tooltip not showing when holding shift.
  • [Array] Fix connection break on deserialize (duplicate, load)
  • [Lua global] Set to “on start” should only run the node in the first frame.
  • [Palette] Fix trim and fill palette with black color.
  • [Gradient shift] Fix unexpected behavior.
  • [Export] Fix path value reject array.
  • [Particle, VFX] Fix particle not looping properly.


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