1.13.5 Update

Update v1.13.5


  • Save file now embed the previewing image.
  • [Preview] Tool panel now moves down to avoid overlapping with the color bar.
  • [Palette] Add delete palette option in right-click menu.
  • [Gradient] Add delete gradient option in right-click menu.
  • [Color, palette, gradient Selector] Uninteractable state now looks more distinct.
  • [Add node] Add a tooltip explaining some node functionality.
  • [Animator] Add the ability to copy/paste keyframe between values (of the compatible type).
  • [Animator] Add a show graph option for color value to see how the color changes over time.
  • [Graph] Ctrl-click on the frame to select the frame without selecting nodes inside.
  • [Graph] Selecting a node now bring it to the front.
  • [Graph] New diagonal connection type.
  • [Graph] Improve elbow backward connection.
  • [Splash] Button to clear recent files.
  • [Splash] Option to show file thumbnail.


  • New gradient from palette node.

  • New gradient color replaces the node.

  • New gradient data node (for extracting palette, and position from gradient).

  • New crop content node.

  • [Canvas] Surface brush now positioned properly.

  • [Canvas] Bucket fill now multiplies alpha (should prevent weird filling result).

  • [Tunnel in] Add a button to create a tunnel out with the same key.

  • [Number, vec2/3/4] Add option to make value an integer.

  • [Number, vec2, Boolean] Add slider, rotation, and coordinate display mode.

  • [Time remap] Add loop option.

  • [Frame] Frame name is now displayed on the top left.

  • [Frame] Frame with no name will be called a “frame” and should be easier to select.

  • [Frame] Add alpha property.

  • [Pin] Now show both input and output junction on hover.

  • [Render sprite sheet] Add spacing and padding option.


  • Fix palette load color incorrectly.

  • [Graph panel] Fix elbow connection invert junction color.

  • [Graph panel] Fix connection line draggable when hovering on a junction.

  • [Render sprite sheet] Fix node not executing when multiple Render sprite sheet nodes are in the project.

  • [Array] Fix edit widget not created on load.

  • [Canvas] Fix the preview surface not updating when hovering outside the preview panel.

  • [Glow] Fix transparent pixel turns grey.

  • [Cast shadow] Fix light bending when the input aspect ratio is not 1.

  • [Vector] Fix crashes when input array value.

  • [Tunnel out] Fix every node after it is not rendering if the key isn’t matched with any tunnel in.


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