1.11 Update

Pixel Composer v1.11


  • Key displayer now enabled in addon menu.
  • Importing multiple non image files now won’t create “Import multiple images” dialog and will automatically import all of them.
  • Add “hold” interpolation type.
  • Keyframe can now be move further than animation length.


  • Rearrange tab navigation in padding, area widget to flow from top to bottom.
  • Add tab navigation in popup dialogs.
  • Change key for panning graph, preview to ALT instead of CTRL.
  • [Array edit] Add button for sorting array by name.
  • [Gradient editor] Add dead zone when clicking on the color handle.
  • [Preview] ctrl + left mouse now pan the preview.
  • [Graph] Add hotkey for creating array from selecting nodes.
  • [Graph] Add ability to paste image path, URL to import image.
  • [Graph] Hold ctrl while dragging junction to snap junction to connectable junction.
  • [Graph] Surface array now display as dimension.
  • [Graph] Add visibility setting for show/hide dimension, compute time.
  • [Graph] Improve nodes selection order.
  • [Graph] Hold shift while hovering on junction to preview the content.
  • [Inspector] A property that control by other node will now be grey out and uninteractable.
  • [Inspector] Extract to node now copy value (and all animations) from the original junction.
  • [Notification] Click on notification will now focus on the node that send the notification.


  • New rigid body simulation group.

    • Rigidbody object
    • Rigidbody spawner
    • Rigidbody force applier
    • Rigidbody renderer
    • Rigidbody activator
  • New average color node.

  • New lens blur node.

  • New local analyze (maximum, minimum) node.

  • New radial blur (old “radial” blur renamed to zoom blur).

  • New corner node.

  • New tunnel node.

  • [Camera] Focus area now accept padding and 2 points system.

  • [Camera] Improved alpha blending.

  • [Blend] Add output dimension property.

  • [Scale] Add scale to fit dimension mode.

  • [Bevel] Add slope shape property.

  • [Pin] Named pin now display on graph.

  • [Normal] Add smooth option to include diagonal pixel.

  • [VFX] Renderer, affecter now accept array.

  • [Threshold] Add smoothness property.

  • [Blend] Render background surface even if no foreground image given.

  • [Path] Path anchor is now animable.

  • [Cast shadow] Add light intensity property, light banding, attenuation, ambient occlusion, and ability to use BG color as shadow caster.

  • [Cast shadow] Add light mask allow blending between multiple lights.

  • [Repeat] Add animator color, alpha properties.

  • [Array] Add type property, manual add/remove member button.

  • [Color] Now accept array input.

  • [Palette extract] Remove duplicate color, add new algorithm for selecting color from frequency, and option to select all colors.

  • [Line] Add option to apply “width over length” to the trimmed path.

  • Rename “Gradient data” node to “Gradient”

  • Rename “Gradient” node to “Draw gradient”

  • Rename nodes to match its name in add node dialog.

  • Update node names to use consistence title-casing.

  • Changing unit now auto update node.


  • Fix gradient data not send between node.
  • Fix cursor wrapping not working after canceling file dialog.
  • Collection created from add node dialog (right click) now create at the mouse position.
  • [Splice sprite] Animation type now animate properly.
  • [Mesh warp] Fix crash on creation.
  • [Repeat] Fix glitch when use path data.
  • [VFX] Fix effector not affect particle.
  • [Animation panel] Fix easing line handle not move properly when the timeline is shifted.
  • [Vector split] Fix crash when input non-vec4 value.
  • [Boolean] Fix result not updating.
  • [Vector] Fix crash when inputting array.
  • [Lua] Fix crash when removing arguments.


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thank you very much !

Your tool is going better and better

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hello, im looking tool to make this animation its called meltdown or cut in half ?