Isometric vs Perspective

Hi everyone again, MakhamDev here again with newest update for HeadChef!

When it comes to 3D game with building mechanics. Working with perspective view in third-person mode can cause some problem. When I first create HeadChef, I give the game perspective mode, because it looked better with more depth and stuff. But when I implemented building mechanics, I found some trouble with perspective view.

On this above image. Item alignment proved difficult in perspective view. So in this update. I've change camera view from perspective to isometric. So when you're building something it'll looks like this instead.

Much better.

The second change is about the recipe book GUI. The old one looks like this.

Which I'd say. It looks pretty cool. Complex, yes, but still pretty cool regardless. Unfortunately being cool is not the point of UX design. This drove player away from cooking apparently. So, I've changed the recipe UI to be something  simpler, better to navigate and better to the eyes.

Behold the classic grid based UI. With categories menus. This will make searching through menu much easier. And don't worry about the text bug at the top left. I've fixed it in the final build.

So that it for this demo3 update. Hope you guy having fun with HeadChef and happy cookin'  


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Jul 29, 2018

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