A roguelike dungeon crawler that does er... thing.

  • WASD : move
  • E : interact
  • Tab : inventory / crafting
  • Mouse scroll : Change item slow
  • Inventory control
    • Shlift click at item : Transfer to target slot
    • Shift + mouse scroll : Change target slot

Why does the URL look like that?

Because the project structure is absolutely messy. I want to add sound but I gave up when I saw an enum of all item names use as index for item data (which, of course, is a 2d array place in some random object). This project is just 1 year old and I can't believe how messy my code were (it's not the best today, but it's much better trust me)

Ported to Html because who would download this? seriously 2020 MakhamDev?

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAdventure, Action, Role Playing
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Roguelike

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