Origin based image generator.


  • Left click  - select node, drag handles.
  • Right click - delete node
  • Hover nothing + Double left click - add node (type node name to add)
  • Hover on node  + Double left click - set beginning nodes
  • Hover on node  + mouse wheel - set execution range


  • Origin instance : create multiple origin with different size, rotation
  • Origin grid : create grid of origins
  • Origin circular : create orgins around a point.
  • Origin fx : create origins from equation
  • Origin fxpara : create origins from parametric equation
  • Origin transform : transform current origin
  • Origin indexer : Index each origin differently

  • Pen circle : draw circle
  • Pen rectangle : draw rectangle
  • Pen regular : draw regular polygon
  • Pen polygon : draw custom polygon
  • Pen connect : draw line through each origins

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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Idk if its there in the instructions but you should write press C to pop up the pen menu. Im not even sure how to pop up the rest. But at least I cant make some patterns, I like it. Can I export?

(2 edits)

Double click on the left side will create "+" icon, then you type the node name you want (from the description). 

There's no export in this version yet, probably not too hard to implement, thanks for trying (and liking) my little tool.

*Edit : There is now, thanks for suggestion (I said not too hard but I end up using someone else extension, still.)* 

Much better thanks, its been a year but dedicated some time to understand it better, there are so many configurations. It feels like a possible puzzle game where you have to make a specific shape by using the nodes and you pass the stage. You have quite a couple of nifty softwares.