Devlog #1 : Initial Release

Alright! Hi everyone, I'm MakhamDev and today is the first release of NodeCanvas, a node based drawing program. And in this first log I'll talk about my inspiration, objective and the future of this software.

So let's start with me first.

My real name is Tanasart Phuangtong (you may call me Phewd (pronounce like 'field')) . I'm 18 years old high-school student in Thailand who devote myself in programming and game development. Even though I don't have drawing skill, I lean myself toward coding and graphic design. 

I started making game when I'm twelve, using GameMaker 8 (before that I tried to make game in power point). For me making game is more interesting than playing them, but since now I'm still in high-school, I have only 2-3 hours per day to develop program. (So please don't expect quick reply or bug fixes). 

Still, NodeCanvas is my first commercial software. So I'll put more effort in interaction and update than my other projects.

I used many drawing software like Adobe Photoshop, SAI, Clip Studio. What I notice is while the brush setting in these software is great, it still just a fixed number slider, then I asked "What if you can animated those brush freely?". One of my inspiration is blender animation node, which can create amazing animation using only node. Then I saw BlackInk in steam. BlackInk is also a node-based drawing program, but I've never tried it because it's too expensive (Remember that I'm just a high-schooler in Thailand, with that money I can buy food for week). So I decided to make it myself using my half-baked knowledge in GML. Thus NodeCanvas is born.

As for now, NodeCanvas achieve my goal. So I set it as full-release. Still, that doesn't mean that I won't do anything at all. I definitely will keep maintain NodeCanvas with bug fixes and possibly new features. That's why I open discussion board for you to report bug or  suggest new features.

I'll be making documentation after everything settled down. Before that, I'll make a short video showing basic features and how to. You can also post in discussion board if you stuck.

So thank you for having interest in NodeCanvas, and for supporting me.



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Aug 28, 2018

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